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The Coach

Penny Beeston, a highly experienced Executive & Leadership Coach & Consultant, is the Founder of Strategic Options Consulting & Coaching. What sets Penny apart as an Executive Coach is her career experience in C-Suite roles, culminating in a decade as CEO of a complex, State-wide organisation working across the community, disability and education sectors.

Transition from C-Suite to Executive Coaching was a natural progression for Penny, and her clients express the confidence they have in her capacity to truly understand the issues they unpack in coaching sessions.

Individuals and teams

Bespoke Solutions

As a person charged with a leadership role, you are aware of the unique set of challenges you face each day.  You know that in addressing each of these challenges, you draw on your combined strengths, traits, experience, knowledge and environmental insights.  This is what makes you, and your situation unique, and it is why a “cookie cutter” approach to developing your leadership capabilities will fall short of your expectations.

This applies equally to senior and leadership teams, whose very diverse make-up invokes the need for a bespoke approach to building capability, interoperability, accountability and sustainability to reach a high level of performance.


What Leaders Know

Presented by Penny, this podcast takes you into the lived experience of accomplished leaders. Sit in on conversations with leaders who share their drivers, aspirations, challenges and insights. No matter where you are on your leadership career journey, this is the podcast for you.

What we can do for you

Our Services


How do you hold yourself to account for your leadership vision and goals when you are under the pump?  Who is your objective sounding board?  Your executive coach brings the objective lens to the opportunities, barriers and challenges to be deliberated in the safety of the coaching space.


What are the barriers you need to overcome to accelerate your career trajectory? Right now, what strategic and targeted approach are you executing to gain career momentum?  If you don’t have a career accelerator plan, this one to one coaching program will facilitate your personal career accelerator and hold you accountable.


Where is your leadership stretch?  The pressures of juggling competing priorities, dealing with issues and challenges while delivering on KPI’s can keep you in the ‘busy’ space. Leadership incubators are a collegial gathering of ten peers from diverse sectors who meet monthly for leadership stretch and accountability.

Strategic Team

What is your ‘this team is not working’ story?  We all have this story somewhere in our experience.  Teams are complex, filled with mostly smart individuals with good brains.  What goes wrong?  Team Coaching is a process that builds team cohesion and purpose on a strengths-based platform.

HiPo Team

What do you do when you inherit an existing team, or create a new team and they all bring different strengths and ways of working to the team space? Incubators navigate these challenges and cut through the barriers to facilitate an agreed team framework that supports high performance.

  • High-performance Teams
  • Leaders as Coach
  • NeuroscienceInformed Engagement across Teams
  • Transforming Conversations from Difficult to Developmental
  • Bespoke Workshops Developed in Response to Need
Strategic Leadership Insights

Strategic Leadership Insights

Cultural Arsonists

Every organisation experiences bushfires. And just like those seen in the wild, a percentage of them are the result of arsonists.

A Leadership Riddle

If the answer is, “Build your Tribe” ...then what is the question? But first, every leader must know their tribe.

The Bench

No one wants to find themselves on the Bench - and yet many careers benefit from the experience.

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