HiPo Team Incubators

What is a HiPo Team Incubator?

A HiPo Team Incubator is designed to accelerate the establishment, development and success of a high performing Team. This acceleration is supported by an array of coaching, team frameworks, leadership support, learning resources, challenges and accountabilities.

What do you do when you inherit an existing team, or create a new team and they all bring different strengths and ways of working to the team space? Incubators navigate these challenges and cut through the barriers to facilitate an agreed team framework that supports high performance.

Uncover the limitations of working in leadership silos by learning to connect with, and trust in the other members of the team.

Team incubators inject momentum into the leadership skills and practice framework of everyone on the team.

Team productivity suffers when teams operate as silos. The HiPo Team Leadership Incubator is the antithesis of siloed leadership - the greater the network the greater the result. Power up your HiPo Team.

Leadership Development Outcomes:

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