What our clients are saying

Penny is a highly focussed and committed C-Suite executive whose background and experience enrich her capability as a Consultant and Executive Coach.

Bryan Granzien
Chief Executive Officer
Tata Steel Australia

Of all the events of my working life, professional coaching has been by far the most impactful experience; leading me on a growth curve that is unprecedented and the results of which are truly embedded in who I am now. I highly recommend Strategic Options as a powerful ally in finding your fresh leadership vision.

Sally Dobromilsky,
Program Manager
Emergency Services Cadets

Penny’s significant professional experience, leadership insights and practical tools helped me work through some of the leadership challenges and organisational changes that I was facing. I left feeling equipped for the next phase of my leadership journey.

Vanessa Fabre
Executive Manager
MDA Ltd.

Penny has a rare quality for a Consultant, she can work effectively across all layers of the organisation, getting buy-in from teams and building a positive momentum around organisational change.

Paul Stokes
Managing Director

Penny has walked the walk, and brings the power of her experience to her role as Executive Coach and Consultant. I would recommend Penny to individuals or organisations on a path to growth.

Robert van Barneveld
Managing Director
SunPork Farms
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