Leadership Incubators

What is a Strategic Leadership Incubator?

Become a member of a group of leadership peers who, like you, are seeking to inject new momentum, access to broader networks and diverse lenses into their leadership trajectory.

The Leadership Incubator is all about having access to your own “brains trust” where you can test ideas, seek different perspectives, unpack concerns or doubts in a safe place and be held accountable to your goals and supported with the latest leadership coaching framework.

Leadership Development Outcomes:

1. Harnessing the power of the Incubator

Uncover the limitations of working in leadership silos by learning to connect with, and trust in a small group of leadership peers.  Inject momentum into your own leadership skills and practice framework.  We know that when our own teams operate as silos productivity suffers and this is reflected in outcomes.  The Leadership Incubator is the antithesis of siloed leadership - the greater the network the greater the result. Power up your leadership and your career.

Development:  The Power of Incubation vs Silo

2. Accountability

Expand your self-confidence and capacity to pitch ideas and table initiatives for rigorous peer review, feedback, challenges and ultimate accountability.

Development:  Holding, and being Held to Account

3. Self-Awareness

Explore your personal values, strengths and how they show up in your leadership.

Development: Self-Awareness – Where I Go, There I am

4. Influencing and Communicating

Explore how to influence and communicate through narrative.

Development: Leadership Narrative

How it works

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