Lost in Transition Bubbles

What is a transition bubble?

Transition is momentum – a shift from where we are, to where we want to be. Well planned, and well-executed transitions are marked by the presence of momentum. An unplanned, or poorly executed transition can stall, and leave us feeling as though we are functioning in a bubble.

How to recognise we are in a Transition Bubble

We entered a transition but the momentum has evaporated. We have settled for the “status quo”.

Five Reasons we Find Ourselves in a Transition Bubble

From my discussions with those of us who have first hand experience, the underlying causes of a “transition bubble” are not that uncommon:

Entering a transition we didn’t plan for:

  • Flattered to be considered for advancement.
  • A position becomes available.

Entering a transition we weren’t committed to:

  • Pressed by colleagues to apply.
  • It seemed like the “right thing to do”.

Entering a transition without having worked through the pre-transition phase:

  • No time allocated for self-reflection.
  • We don’t check in with significant other/mentor/coach.

Entering a transition without a plan:

  • Sense of “winging it” – let’s just go with this and see where we land.
  • No consideration of broader impact of transition on personal life/ career trajectory.

Entering a transition with a plan, but without the energy, desire or commitment to see it through:

  • Worked up a plan to keep all stakeholders happy.
  • Using a template rather than a plan – follow the bouncing ball.
How to avoid a Transition Bubble
  1. Plan for our transitions – scan the environment for the opportunity that moves us closer to our vision.
  2. Pay attention to our inner wisdom. If it doesn’t feel right – don’t pursue it.
  3. Reflect, reflect, reflect – does it align with, and advance our vision?
  4. Be clear about our energy, desire and commitment to enter this transition.
  5. Work up a transition plan, aligned to our vision, with measurable goals and key milestones to maintain the momentum.

Transition planning is the best way to avoid losing time in bubbles.  Time that is better spent, experiencing all the stretch and challenge of career momentum.

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