Scope Your Transitions

Don’t Blink

Some of us only become aware of a transition, after the event. We reflect on the year past and there it is – the default transition. We glided through it without treating it with the gravitas it deserved.

We are often so caught up in the busy-ness of our jobs that we pass through a transition in a state of unconscious competence.

Is this really such a problem? Our business training tells us that unconscious competence is a good thing – and it is.

However, transitions are not one-dimensional. When we take the time to scope out a transition before we engage, we are more likely to extract all the benefits it has to offer.

This requires a presence of mind in the exploratory stage.


Highly successful people will “stretch” a transition opportunity.

For many of us, even when we see the transition in advance, we are still just scratching the surface of the opportunity on offer.

Picture the stone that is dropped into the pond. The point of entry is the point of transition. The ripples that emanate beyond the initial point of transition are the gems that we can miss in our unconscious competence.


Identify how the new skills and experience will enhance our existing career scaffold?

What challenges do we perceive, and how might we turn these to our advantage?

Mind-map the opportunities beyond those that are immediately evident. For example, consider access to new professional networks, new industries and new knowledge.

How can this transition contribute to a pivot in our career in the short, medium and long-term? Map a path to the pivots and set your sail accordingly.

Some preliminary work will pay dividends. Our radar will be attuned to the ripples beyond the transition entry point and alert u to opportunities as they emerge.


Our careers are built on a series of transitions.

By taking the time to scope the opportunities they offer before we engage, we better position ourselves to capture all the benefits a transition has to offer.

It’s useful to work through the scoping process and then check in with our coach or mentor – an alternative, agenda free lens can be a good litmus test.

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