Out of the Digital Wilderness

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I saw the call for small businesses to nominate for the Australian Government, Small Business, Digital Champions Project, and my heart skipped a beat. I was immediately mapping the massive gaps in my digital capability against the tantalising offer in front of me.

In April I learnt I was 1 of 100 successful businesses in the Project. The Professional Services sector is changing rapidly, and in response, I am continually seeking to enhance the quality of my coaching services.

In 2017 I purchased my own coaching and training premises, and each year I have undertaken professional development that translates into a higher quality coaching service. However, I have not invested time and energy into my digital capability.  This is the land on the other side of the digital divide, a land that both excites and terrifies me all at once.

I coach people who are leading digital transformations in their own organisations, agencies or teams.  I have become increasingly aware of the need to value add, and to offer services that are more agile, responsive and flexible to their needs.

Being a part of the Digital Champions Project places me on the right side of the divide. Ben Seydel and Cian Langan from Deloitte Private are my key interface with the Digital Champions Project, and in July they took me through an intensive Digital Needs Assessment.

I am excited at the prospect of the next meeting when I they will take me through my Digital Transformation Plan. Ben and Cian took deep dives into my aspirations for Strategic Options, and, as a result, I am anticipating an incredibly energising and exciting roadmap out of the digital wilderness.

Small Business Digital Champions
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