Priority Check & Progress Prompt to COB 2019

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Check your comfort level.

How often do you get that uncomfortable feeling of overwhelm as November/December looms?

I developed this check & prompt to help you to target the encroaching overwhelm.  Set aside 30 - 60 minutes to establish a priority roadmap that will set you up for a successful COB 2019.



Take a moment to reflect on the goals you set yourself at the start of 2019.

How are you travelling against these?

Are they still in play?  

How have they changed?


In the final run through to December, get clear on the top 3 priorities you want to close off.


For each priority, identify the key milestones in September, October, November, December that must be met to close each priority.


For each priority you have listed, identify any challenges you perceive on the horizon.


What are the key strategies that will take you from where you are now to closing on these 3 priorities?


How will you hold yourself to account each month as you work towards your milestones?

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