Spring your Career this September

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September can be an unsettling and enticing time for people who have an eye to career growth.  It’s close enough to the end of the year to find a juicy role that is onboarding in December or January. 

Of course, these roles are always carried in on the Spring breezes, however only those of us with a keen nose for opportunity will be ready when they arrive.

For some, September is like groundhog day - they see their peers swept up in the flurry of opportunity - and every September they murmur, “Next year I will be prepared”.

What is it that sees some of us stalling?  Hanging back?  Delaying yet another year?

Well, some of the factors that I have encountered in my conversations include:

  • By September many of us are feeling overwhelmed and under pressure to close out the year successfully.
  • Others feel that the final quarter is all about endings, not beginnings.
  • Some like the idea of springing into a new beginning, but they haven’t looked up from their work long enough to do their preparation.

On reflection, my own beginnings have always been in the months May, June, July.  

Perhaps we succumb to the delights Spring in preference to the demands of updating C.V.’s and LinkedIn profiles, scanning the environment for opportunities, meeting with recruiters and then preparing for, and going through the rounds of interviews. 

But for those who meet the opportunities carried on the Spring breezes, well prepared and bristling with anticipation, September carries great promise for career growth.

What are you doing this September?

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