Harness your 2019 Disruptors

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In my post in early August I provided a Dashboard activity that is a simple tool for each of us to check our progress as we hasten towards COB 2019.

As a Coach, I am driven to check back in with you and ask the question…

“What insights arose for you when you sat with your reflections across 2019?”

People are often surprised, as they go through this process, to find the amount of disruption to their original goals  and how they have adapted, innovated and altered the course of some of these goals to achieve the outcomes.

A check-in ahead of the final quarter is timely for a number of reasons:
  1. We take the time to reflect on what is on track, what has been disrupted and what needs the priority lens to bring it in successfully by COB.
  2. We get clear on the run to COB. Clear the debris that has gathered around projects that are at risk of lagging. Make decisions to cut, reduce, enhance or invest to achieve success.
  3. We see the wood for the trees, and hold ourselves to account for areas where our focus may have derailed.
  4. We refocus, reset, reframe and re-energise ourselves, and those around us for the run through to COB 2019.
My personal  reflections of progress to August 2019 against my COB 2019 goals revealed:
  1. I had no idea in January that I would successfully apply for the Small Business Digital Champions Project in February - this disrupted my 2019 goals.
  2. My purpose is to help leaders succeed. And I achieve this through my leadership coaching and development workshops.  
  3. In January 2019 my goals had focussed on further enhancing the quality of my professional coaching and team engagements and expanding my reach.
  4. Digital Transformation was not in my business plan. Neither was a Digital Transformation Conference at Facebook Headquarters in Sydney or a bespoke Digital Transformation Plan from Deloitte Private.

The impact of taking one opportunity that came unheralded across my screen back in February disrupted my entire approach to how I can help leaders succeed.

My disruption is digital transformation. I am embracing the opportunity to be in an environment where I have no expertise, the learning curve is sharp and the outcome will be my enhanced capacity to engage with more people on leadership journeys and help them to succeed.

Take a moment to check-in and reflect on where your disruptors have been, and where they may lead as you move into the final quarter of 2019.   Here is a link to the Dashboard from my early August link:

Priority Check & Progress Prompt to COB 2019

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